Turn Yourself Into A Pipidae With These Workouts

One of our favorite things about frogs, other than their beautiful skin and innocent nature, is how they are able to use those little legs of theirs to jump to unbelievable heights. One frog in particular, the Pipidae, has legs that would put Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to shame, even right after leg day. The Pipidae can jump from pod to pod with a simple twitch of its legs, while us humans have to prepare and swing our arms and bend our legs perfectly just to jump a few feet.

If you want to get the legs of a Pipidae, which is not scientifically possible technically, we suggest that you do the following workouts. While we might never be able to jump with the ease of a frog, humans can sure improve their leg strength with a good amount of determination and grit.

Calf Raises

Calf raises are one of those exercises that seem ridiculously simple and worthless until you realize how important your calf muscles truly are to you. Your calves extend from around your achilles all the way up to the back of your knee, which makes them an absolutely vital element of any leg day workout.

If you ever watch a basketball game or a track and field event, check out the athletes’ calves. They are simply ridiculous.

Calf raises can be done both with an without weights, depending on if you are going for tone or strength, and whether or not you are able to do it with weights. All you have to do is stand straight as a pin, and go on your “tippie-toes” for a second, then slowly come back down. Repeating this exercise gets pretty demanding on the calves, and can show some real returns on your investment pretty quickly!


Squats are really fun workouts because there is a true element of adrenaline to them. If you move one part of your body incorrectly, there is a non-zero chance that you break your spine! Hooray!

To be completely honest, we don’t think that you will break your spine while you do squats. Before we get into the workout, however, we do think that it is important to stress safety and caution before entering the world of squats. Depending on your strength level, you can have dozens or even hundreds of pounds resting on your neck. Without proper technique and supportive spotting from another lifter, you do put yourself at risk for injury if you make a mistake.

With that being said, the rewards for squatting make the risks completely bearable. Squats are the best way to work out your entire lower body as long as you have good technique. Think about it: squats involve grabbing a huge amount of weight, throwing it over your shoulder, and moving your entire lower body up and down.

This forces you to work out everything in your lower body, from your calves to your back, to every little bone in your feet. It might seem like a lot of effort for one workout, but there are not too many workouts that have the all-in-one capabilities that squats do.

If you enjoyed this article, we encourage you to continue working out and working towards becoming your very own Pipidae. It is not an easy path, but with some intense calf raises and squats, you can do it. We believe in you!

For your viewing pleasure, we have attached the following video to this article. We hope you enjoy the video as much as you enjoyed the article. Please continue to read for more amazing fit frog tips!