The Most Popular Weightlifting Techniques

The body requires regular exercise for it to remain healthy and also maintain a strong immune system. Ignorance to take care of yourself can lead to obesity and contraction of other chronic diseases that would have otherwise been avoided by regular exercise routines. Weightlifting workout usually comes up when you decide to lose fat, build muscle or increase strength.

However, passion and hard work are not enough for you to attain the desired goal you want. There is a lot of confusing, conflicting and overall terrible advice out there as to how to go about the routine. In order to get the outcome you want within a short duration of time, the workout schedule should be specifically designed for your body, the objective you have and the level of experience you have.

Advancements in the field of biology and kinesiology, hypertrophy, nutrition, progressive resistance and the exercise equipment have made it possible for a gym goer to know the best program that meets their specific needs. They take into consideration the type of diet you eat, intervals you go to the gym and recuperation period. Some of the popular weight lifting techniques recommended for you include:

The 3 Day Full Body Split

Monday- Full Body Workout
Tuesday- off day
Wednesday- Full Body Workout
Thursday-off day
Friday- Full Body Workout
Saturday-off day
Sunday- off day

This is actually the best weight lifting workout program for beginners and involves a three-day full body split. It allows beginners to increase strength and build muscle at a fast rate. It is also ideal for individuals past the beginner stage who want to increase their strength. Another popular technique is:

The 4 Day Upper/Lower Split

Monday- Top Body Part
Tuesday- Bottom Body Part
Wednesday- off day
Thursday- Top Body Part
Friday- Bottom Body Part
Saturday- off day
Sunday- off day

This technique allows twice per week training for each muscle group. It is ideal for advanced and intermediate trainees and is the best routine if you are training for a certain competition. An equally effective three-day upper/lower split version is also possible if it is more manageable for you or if you just prefer reducing the weight lifting rate.